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You can count on The Bay Area Mural Program for all of your public art needs.

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The BAMP strives to continue our mission of artistic excellence, education, and community enrichment. Organizations like The BAMP are the life-blood of our city by shaping culture, providing unforgettable experiences, and transforming our urban landscape. Local creative organizations have faced the challenges of rapid development, making it hard to stay in our communities and do this significant work. 

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We see each mural as an opportunity to partner with unique creative perspectives to the new community vision. Because of our commitment to community partnership, we work with several of the Bay Area's leading professional artists to offer a completely personalized client experience. Browse through our creative services to see how we can support your next project.

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Art Workshops

Learn fundamental techniques and skills for mural painting with The BAMP’s Lead Artists. Go to our Events Page to sign up for upcoming workshops.

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Interested in a mural?

The Bay Area Mural Program is committed to exceeding your public art needs. We have designers and muralist that specialize in bringing your ideas to life. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Screen Printing

Temporarily on hold.

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Team building workshops

Do you have an idea for a unique project that our team of artists and designers can help with? Don’t be shy! You can email us below.

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